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Acessórios extra necessário para a Aprilia:



To connect TuneECU with the Aprilia ECU a custom-built adaptor cable is required 
Pin assignment Fig.1, Fig.5 and Fig.6

To make up such a cable,the following components are required: (i) a diagnostic OBDII cable
with a 16-pin socket on the one side and flying  leads on the other (Fig. 2). This cable is commercially
available as an accessory in many OBD-motorsport shops (ii) a 6-pin connector  (Fig.3).



Thanks "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia-Forum


Typical application for the sample connector in Fig.3:

Aprilia ECU Male connector

Company Tyco Electronics / USA. Website click here
Housing: Manufacturer Part No: 770090-1 - Newark.com Part No: 50F2670
Connector: Manufacturer Part No:770145-1 - Newark.com Part No: 16H5735

Company Farnell Electronics / UK,  Website click here
6W 0.093" plug housing (Molex part number 03-09-2061) - Farnell order code 143-209
Order Code: 143209
Manufacturer: Molex
Manufacturer Part No: 03-09-2061
Crimp pins (Molex part number 02-09-2118) - Farnell order code 977-3800
Order Code: 9773800
Manufacturer: Molex
Manufacturer Part No: 02-09-2118

Source in UK for FTDI cable and/or Aprillia-adapter ​​: Lonelec UK 
Source in Italia for FTDI cable and/or Aprillia-adapter ​​: ECU VONIX




Who has disconnections when running engine, which can possibly help the Tip of "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia forum.  Link the cable shield with the ground pin of the OBD connector.
See the following picture.

Thanks "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia-Forum

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