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Extra accessories required for KTM:



To connect TuneECU with the KTM ECU a custom-built adaptor cable is required (Fig 1)

To make up such a cable,the following components are required: (i) a diagnostic OBDII cable
with a 16-pin socket on the one side and flying  leads on the other (Fig. 2). This cable is commercially
available as an accessory in many OBD-motorsport shops (ii) a 6-pin connector  (Fig.3).



Typical application for the sample connector in Fig.3:

* 2006-2009 Yamaha YZF-R6 Secondary Injector harness (main harness side);
* 2006 Yamaha YZF-R6 Injector harness (sub-harness side);
* Honda CBR600RR Ignition wiring harness;
* See Corsa Technic Motorsport Shop:
* Item Title: "6-Way Plug Kit (B6AP) Sumitomo type"
* Price: US$2.65 plus Shipping.
* or Tuning Center Otto Leirer in 7442 Lockenhaus Austria, here is the direct Link .
* Price € 3,50 plus Shipping
* There is also a ready-configured cable, here's the Link .

Another source is the company X-MAS Motorcycle Electrics in Vienna
Item No. V-21330 (multi-connector 2.2 mm 6-pin) price at the time (March.2011) € 3.90,
shipping costs please contact X-MAS Motorcycle . Many thanks to Lars for this information.
OBDII individual components

Another source TUNE ECU CABLE KIT for the KTM engines, get e.g. here:

And here another source in UK  for a TUNE ECU CABLE KIT for the KTM engines:

Yet another source in UK for FTDI cable and/or KTM-adapter ​​:  Lonelec UK 
Yet another source in Italia for FTDI cable and/or KTM-adapter ​​: ECU VONIX


Many thanks to Alain for the pictures.

A link to be compatible adapter 1190/1290 
(US / Bosch connector)

There can occasionally be problems with connecting stability to KTM ECU's, e.g. with running engine.
An improvement can be obtained, if you change the parameters for the virtual COM-port.
The following settings are only one example, which have helped many users.
It is possible these settings will not help all users, however; then some other parameters must be changed.
The following settings are made available coutesy of "Tuning Center Otto Leirer"  from Austria
Once again a big thanks to Otto.

Another Tip, that can possibly help comes from "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia forum.
Link the cable shield with the ground pin of the OBD connector.
See the following picture.

Note: the picture shows the connection on pin 5 for Aprilia, KTM uses pin 4 as ground.

Thanks "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia-Forum

Another tip from "ktmguy" from the KTM forumThanks ktmguy

To avoid disconnection issues check and fix the following:
Make sure the shield of the USB cable is fixed to the negative of the cable.
See the wire and shield together in the heat shrink in the following picture.

He de-soldered the cable, stripped it back a bit, joined the shield and the negative and soldered it all back
on with some heatshrink around it.

He also fitted a ferrite choke on the cable as you see here:

On his bike Tuneecu disconnected as soon as he started the engine, these 2 mods fixed the issue
and now it stays on no problem.

Aunque se ha tenido mucho cuidado en la creacion de este documento el autor no puede
garantizar completamente su contenido y que se ajuste completamente a la realidad.

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