TuneECU can basically be used only on models which are listed in the compatibility list.

last update November-19-2016
Support is only for the software (Android vers. only), no advice or recommendation
will be given on the use of maps. 
Except the brief descriptions available on the site,
no additional information will be provided on the maps, for any additional questions,  please ask in the appropriate forums.


This description was created for the Windows version of TuneECU and can be applied largely
on the Android version. Deviations in the Android version will be added here by and by.


The software is available in French, German, Italien, Spanish, Portuguese and English; the choice is made automatically based on the language of the operating system,  or manually (Selection, only possible in the
version of Windows) by
<Menu> Options - Language.

For Sagem & Keihin models:
  1. Connect the USB/OBD cable to the ECU connector on the motorcycle, and the USB side
    to the computer.
  2. Turn the ignition key to the ON position and the ignition kill switch to the RUN position, but
    do not start the engine.
  3. Start TuneECU and wait for the connection to be established.

Connection to the Walbro ECU:
Note: For the Walbro models is when using TuneECU for Android, still a converter cable,
            FTDI-USB-RS232 12V, required.

  1. Connect the serial cable with the 6-pin diagnostic socket of the bike.
  2. Do not connect the 2-pin connector.
  3. Start now TuneECU.
  4. Select the assigned COM port  in the menu "Options-serial-interface"
    the software must still be offline at this time, not connected with the bike,
    (auto-connection must be menu "Options" deselected).
  5. Turn on the ignition
  6. Now select the menu "ECU" <Connect>

You can monitor the connection with the indicator at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
This change from red to flashing orange and then flashing green.

Red – not connected
Orange – connecting
Green – connected

Manually connecting to the ECU
If the connection to the ECU is not automatic, select Connect from the ECU menu.

This confirms that TuneECU is communicating with the ECM.

After the indicator turns green, communication with the ECM is established when:

  • Vin #, ECU Serial and Map base info are all displayed in the ECU infos panel

  • 'Map Edit' icon changes to Green 'Download' icon (if map is already loaded in program).

At this point TuneECU is ready to perform Map Edit, Diagnostics or Tests.

TuneECU has 3 operational modes:-

Map Edit:

Map editing and programming the ECU.
With Bluetooth connection, reading and reprograming map
functions are not available.


Viewing all sensors of the engine system.


Setup and testing of certain components of the bike.


Selecting a Mode

  • Map Edit: Editing and programming ECU maps
  • Diagnostics: Checking the sensors for engine management
  • Tests: Adjustment and testing of certain component of the motorcycle

The mode selection is done by clicking the proper button (Fig.3)

                      Fig. 3

All care has been taken in the creation of this page, however, the author
cannot guarantee  the completeness and accuracy of this information.

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